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In Car Charging has never been so easy as with a Brodit Magnetic Wireless Charger

Compatible with all Apple MagSafe devices and Apple MagSafe accessories, the Magnetic Charger is designed to keep your iPhone battery fully charged whilst you are driving, reducing the need for you to bring your own charging lead every time you go out for a drive.

Made with ease in mind, the Brodit Magnetic Wireless Charger is equipped with a tilt swivel, to make it easier for you to adjust the angle of your iPhone for better viewing. It is able to tilt at a 17° angle and swivels 360°, this way you can easily use the navigation on your phone without worrying about sun glare or reflections.

The Magnetic wireless charger comes with a 42x50mm mounting plate that will easily attach to your specific Brodit ProClip mounting platform. The Brodit ProClip mount is vehicle specific and can be found using the vehicle search.

All you would have to do is screw the magnetic wireless charger and screw it onto the ProClip mount, without the need for dismantling your dashboard. 

It is made from a durable and strong ABS/Acetal plastic in black so you will not have to worry about the magnetic wireless charger clashing with the interior aesthetics of your car.

The Magnetic Charger is compatible with all of the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series, you can find them listed below:

The mount allows your mobile phone to magnetically attach to the charger, keeping your phone in an upright position and allowing you to still have maximum cellular reception for voice control and navigation.


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