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Designing a range of device holders for handheld computers with multiple uses in various sectors requires tailored solutions and a focus on the environments it will be used in.

The adaptability and connectivity capability of the Zebra TC58 means it fits that criterion and is commonly used in a variety of retail, field service and transport & logistics applications.


Brodit Key-Lock Holders

The Brodit key-lock holder for the Zebra TC58 has been developed to keep the device securely held in position for stress situations as well as to make sure you always know where your device is. The holder does not compromise the usability of the device; all buttons and cameras can be easily accessed.

Passive and Active Holders

The passive and active holders are suited to logistics and when attached to the dashboard of the delivery vehicle or for use on a forklift in a warehouse environment. Whether your device holder is fixed to the dash for ease of access or charges in addition. Brodit charging and non charging Zebra TC58 holders allow for efficient drop-in and drop-out in the cases of multi-drop delivery with a perfect fit design to keep the device secure. 

As the Zebra TC58 can be used to scan barcodes and capture images for proof of delivery, the holder needs to be robust enough to cope with the demands of day-in, day-out delivery as well as simple enough to keep pace with the needs of the driver.

For stocktaking and barcode scanning, Brodit has designed a holder for the Zebra TC58 with the trigger handle.


Workstation Holders

Whether the Zebra TC58 becomes a mobile POS machine or is kept on a pedestal mount within a warehouse or stock-take environment, the fixed holders provide a strong and stable holding solution for the handheld computer. Losing a device is stressful and time consuming, by keeping it in one fixed location, your device and the users can be more efficient.

All Brodit device holders for the Zebra TC58 are:

  • Made of high-strength ABS plastic
  • Designed to be a perfect fit solution
  • Made in Sweden

Browse the range of holders and mounting solutions for the Zebra TC58.

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