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Brodit has launched a diverse range of holders for the Samsung Galaxy Xcover7 rugged smartphone.

Brodit Holders for Xcover7

All holders are made using ABS plastic to ensure the holders are rugged and fit the purpose and wide range of applications that Samsung Xcover 7 devices are designed for. These holders are manufactured accurately and to a high standard in Sweden.

For applications where charging is not required, the Passive Holder provides a solid and secure place to hold the Xcover 7 whether mounted to the dashboard of a vehicle, for warehousing, stock-taking or retail applications.


For charging needs, there are various solutions. For transport and home delivery applications, there is a cig-plug adaptor to make sure the Xcover 7 is ready to use for multiple drop-ins and removals throughout the day. For maximized compatibility, this solution comes with a USB-C charging cable. Another Brodit Active Holder with Cig-plug adaptor comes with a pogo pin charging option and features Easy-Switching technology. Easy-Switching means the device holder can be changed without the need to change the installed cables. Instead, the holder is simply disconnected from the charging cable via the Molex 6-pin quick connector, and then the new holder is connected in a few seconds.

However, there are also Brodit Active Holders for the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 with fixed installation. Like the cig-plug options, there are both USB-C and pogo pin charging options for the Xcover 7 and a holder with Easy-Switching technology for added futureproofing.

All Brodit holders for the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 come with a 17-degree tilt angle and 360-degree swivel to angle the device for optimal use in portrait or landscape mode.

Browse the product ranges by sector and application-specific mounts on the boxes of the Brodit homepage. For mounting devices in vehicles, select the holder for the device and mount for the vehicle using the Brodit Smart Search.

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