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The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 brings an update to the tough tablet range from Samsung that provides a portable PC-like experience for everyday workplace use.

Brodit has designed a new range of holders to maximise the efficiency of the rugged tablet in a variety of workplaces from the cab of a last-mile delivery van, forklift in a warehouse environment or for stock-take in retail environments. The holder can be mounted on any flat surface or raised with a pedestal mount. The cradle has AMPS and VESA 75 hole patterns for mounting compatibility.


Rugged and Accessible

The cradle is manufactured in Sweden using high grade ABS plastic to withstand everyday wear and tear whilst keeping the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 in an easy to reach and see location.  Whilst held in the cradle, there is still full access to the camera, scanner and all buttons on the tablet.


Charging Options

Across the range of holders, there are both charging (active), and non-charging (passive) holders and the device is charged via POGO pin connection. Depending on the location and application of the device, the holder has both fixed installation and cig-plug power options.


Efficiency and Accessories

The Brodit cradle for the Tab Active 5 has been designed to be a one-hand insertion and removal solution to maximise efficiency and although these holders will keep the Tab Active 5 securely held, there are key-lock and spring-lock options available to ensure the tablet is not moved unless necessary.

Browse the range of cradles for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5.


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