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Brodit Holders for the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have just been released!

Samsung have been going into full swing this winter and spring season by releasing two new mobile creations including the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Series. This phone is slightly similar to the S22 5G, however it is bigger and better!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra features a 40pm selfie camera, and 4 cameras on the back of the phone that offers Ultra-wide angle, and telephoto optical zoom. Say goodbye to blurred images and longer lasting battery life.

Brodit adjustable car phone holders for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are equipped to keep your mobile device in a safe and stable position whilst you drive. The Phone is easy to insert into the car phone holder and allows for mobile phones with a protective phone case* to be inserted into the holder just as securely.

Brodit car phone holders make it easy and convenient for you to keep your phone near you and will make it more comfortable for hands-free use.  The adjustable car phone holder for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will ensure that your phone stays in an upright position, this way you are able to get a clear cellular signal and won’t have to worry about losing connection whilst following Google Maps directions.

The Brodit car phone holder for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are made to pair perfectly with the Brodit ProClip, these are vehicle specific and can be found using the Brodit vehicle search.

The holders come in two forms. You can get yourself a Brodit adjustable holder that come in standard non-charging format. This is great if you want to use your own charging lead.

Or you can get a Brodit adjustable phone holder for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that comes with built-in charging, making it easier for you to keep your phone fully charged at all times. You can get a Brodit Adjustable holder that comes with a USB-C Type charging adaptor to avoid the risk or forgetting your own charging lead.

Both Brodit car phone holders for Samsung Galaxy S22 5G come with 22° tilt and swivel so that you are able to easily see your phone screen when following maps or directions. This way you can easily tilt your phone away from any glares and distracting reflections.

*Please measure the width and the thickness of the phone with the case on for an accurate comparison of the holder specifications.

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