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Ingenico mobile payment terminals are a simple, scalable and reliable solution for the final step in your customer conversion process. With over 32 million terminals deployed in more than 70 countries, Ingenico payment solutions are among the global leaders in mobile payments working with 70% of the top international retail brands.

Your POS system should complement your business; whether you are a food truck business or a mobile merchant of any kind, you need secure, reliable, and sales processing quickly. The latest in the Ingenico mobile payment terminal series is the Ingenico Move 5000 (or Move/5000). Like its predecessor, the iWL250, the Move 5000 has an inbuilt printer and can accept many payment methods, including chip and PIN debit/credit cards, magnetic stripe cards and NFC (contactless). In addition, this latest model has a touchscreen with more excellent resolution and a large colour screen to make the most of the app functions. In addition, the memory is up to 512 MB RAM in addition to 4G, GPRS, Bluetooth and WiFi.

If you prefer a simpler model, the Move 3500 without the touchscreen; instead, it has additional navigation buttons but all the same connectivity options. It also has an inbuilt printer and is a good compromise for some merchants. Also available is the Move 2500, with an even smaller screen and fewer wireless connectivity options (no 4G or Bluetooth).

For the Ingenico 5000, Brodit has customised a non-charging holder, item #711246 and #711247, so you can keep your payment terminal firmly in place and within sight when it’s not making a payment. Safe and convenient, the Brodit holders provide for a better and more organised work environment. The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel to angle 17 degrees or swivel 360 degrees for better viewing, and there is also an option with a lock and two keys for added security when in public. 

Attach the Brodit customised holder onto a ProClip mounting platform or a Pedestal mount to keep your holder and payment terminal firmly in the same place and ready when you need to make that vital transaction with your customer.


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