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In even the most arduous working conditions, ensure that your device stays safeguarded with this newly released Brodit holder for the CAT S62 smartphone.

Developed to survive in a tumultuous working environment, the CAT S62 is drop-proof up to 1.82 metres (or 6ft), waterproof up to 1.5m (or 4.9ft), and resistant to pressure; vibrations; sand; and salt mist. It also comes equipped with external wireless charging pins and rear-mounted fingerprint sensors.

It is one of the premier options for durable and rugged smartphones, and now Brodit provides an extra-robust device holder for everyday professional use, designed to survive strenuous working conditions.


Utilising high-grade black Acetal/ABS plastic, the sleekly designed holder blends well with the bezels of the CAT S62 and with your vehicle's interior. Whilst its three-point hold feature keeps your device secure and ensures unimpaired charging.

Brodit offers two different device holders compatible with the CAT S62, both working to keep the device charged as it remains stationary in its holder. Either connect it directly to your vehicle's 12-volt auxiliary power outlet or opt for one that requires a fixed installation. The latter option removes distracting wires that may clog up your interior, as it connects with a 2A fuse inside your dashboard.

Additionally, each holder comes with discreet charging pins that provide a simple connection to the device, hidden to protect it from unnecessary wear and tear. For ease of use, the CAT S62 can be easily removed and reinserted into the holder with one hand, allowing you to stay on the move.


All Brodit holders come equipped with a tilt swivel, allowing for up to 360° of swivelling and 17° of tilting to adjust your viewing angle. With AMPS standard holes, you can fasten each holder to a vehicle-specific Brodit ProClip Mount or connect it to a compatible Pedestal Mount.

When utilising Brodit's robust holder, your CAT S62 remains easy to see and easy to operate whilst staying efficient and convenient. In the event of damage to your holder, the easy-switching system allows you to upgrade the holder whilst keeping the pre-installed cables. Disconnect the holder from the charging cables using the Molex 6-pin quick connector, switch the holder out for a newer one, and re-connect it.

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