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Get yourself a Brodit headrest mount for tablets to keep the kids entertained during long drives.

Summer is fast approaching; the sun is finally shining, and many families are planning on spending their holiday’s ‘stay-cationing’ in the beautiful coasts of the UK.

With staycations come long drives, plenty of service station stops and bored children. Which means that you will want to keep the kids entertained at all costs.

This is where the Brodit Headrest Holders come in – if you have tablets then you are sure to enjoy this in-car accessory! We are certain that you will be able to find a holder that will fit your tablet device whether it has a case or not, you will find one on the Brodit website to suit your needs.

The Brodit headrest holder comes in a two-part solution. And pairs perfectly with a Brodit Headrest Mount.

You are able to easily attach the holder to your headrest posts in the front seats of your vehicle to provide a reliable, secure and wobble free solution for any tablet. This will allow you to keep your kids calm and entertained whilst on the road.

Brodit Headrest Holders are made from a high grade, black, ABS/Acetal plastic, so it will blend perfectly with the aesthetics of your vehicle, giving you a clean and neat look.

To avoid any glares or light reflections for a comfortable tablet view, the headrest holders are made to tilt 20° and it swivels 360°in any direction, it also features some padded cushions to prevent any scratches on your tablet device and keeps it from sliding whilst in the headrest holder.

You and your kids will never have to worry about your tablet device running out of battery and ending all the fun, you will be able to attach a charging cable to your device whilst it is placed in the holder.

Just measure the height and thickness of your device with or without a case to fit the holder specifications.

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