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Brodit Holders are now available for the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G mobile phone devices.

 Samsung Galaxy will soon be releasing the new S22 5G. The phone features modern app innovations such as night photography (Nightography), 4nm processor for fast action scrolling, High-Resolution-capture and Pro-Grade camera. With a battery size of 3,700mAh it is bound to last you a long time. 

Brodit car phone holders are made specifically to keep your phone in a secure and stable position. Holders available for the new Samsung Galaxy S22 5G offer you a chance to insert your mobile device with a case* on it. This way you won’t have to keep removing your phone case and putting it back on when you enter and leave your car. Giving you the versatility and ease of quickly inserting your phone and removing it from the holder with no hassle.

Brodit car phone holders are made to fit perfectly with the Brodit ProClip, these are vehicle specific and can be phone using the vehicle search.

Made with a high-grade ABS plastic that is sturdy and strong, the Brodit car phone holder won’t cause any damage to your dashboard or device due to its quick and simple installation process. The holder also comes in black which means that it will blend with the aesthetics of your vehicle.

The Brodit phone holder available for the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G comes in a variety of different formats. You can purchase a standard non-charging holder that will keep your phone in a steady position when using Google or Apple maps for directions. You are also able to use your own hands-free portable charger or your own charging lead if you ever need to charge your phone whilst in the holder.

 The Brodit phone holders available for the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G also come with built-in charger that is paired with a USB Type C cable. This will make sure your phone stays fully charged during every ride. As well as saving you the hassle of carrying around a charging lead.

Both Brodit car phone holders for Samsung Galaxy S22 5G come with 22° tilt and swivel so that you are able to easily see your phone screen when following maps or directions. This way you can easily tilt your phone away from any glares and distracting reflections.

*Please measure the width and the thickness of the phone with the case on for an accurate comparison of the holder specifications.

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