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Brodit is perhaps best known for the perfect fit ProClip and device holder solution fitted to the dashboard of your vehicle.

However, this forms only part of the device mounting range designed and made by Brodit. Our devices manage everything, and the modern connected workplace needs them to carry out day-to-day tasks.

Designed for Application

Industries that require forklifts are often rugged and require sturdy, hard-wearing equipment. That’s why the range of Brodit forklift mounts are a no-rattle, perfect fit solution and has been designed using sturdy ABS plastics.

There are several different mounting solutions such as pipe, rod, poles, tubes, plates, pipes and U-mounts which can be fitted to bars on the cockpit of the forklift. All these mounts keep your device in a secure location with no risk of loose devices falling from the forklift or distracting the operator.


Designed for Device

Whether you’re mounting a handheld computer or smartphone for stocktaking, stock management etc., a laptop or a tablet and keyboard combination; Brodit has designed a purpose-built, sturdy mount for your device and forklift.

To ensure your device is kept steady over rough ground or whilst moving around a warehouse, there are a range of vibration dampers which are effective for devices up to 2kg and 4kg.


Browse the range of Brodit forklift mounts and specific products for the warehouse & logistics industry. 

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