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Emergency service vehicles are often under high stress due to the nature of situations they are responding to and the same can be said for the devices being used within the vehicles.

Emergency Service Device Holders

The device holders and mounts for police, fire service and ambulances need to be simple and robust to be effective for the job. The purpose-built Brodit mounts for vehicles and holders for devices are made of hardwearing ABS plastic and made in Sweden.


How Can Brodit Help?

Brodit products can already be found in a wide range of blue light vehicles from search and rescue teams to coastguards as well as the traditional 999 services of police, fire services and ambulances. Brodit is chosen for our device holders thanks to the robustness of the materials and the practicality of the design which enable devices to be dropped-in and out as many times as necessary at speed.


From two-way radios to laptops and everything in between, there is a range of charging and non-charging holders available from Brodit that can be mounted to the dashboard or on pedestal mounts within the vehicle cab. There is also a Klick Fast compatible Brodit solution to mount any Klick Fast accessory to the dashboard of the vehicle for ease of access.

Use the Brodit SmartSearch to choose the mount for your ambulance, fire service or police vehicle and the Brodit device-specific holder.

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