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Brodit has developed holders for a wide range of products that are specifically designed to accommodate an equally wide range of industries.

The fast-paced retail world requires the use of a number of devices, whether for stock-taking in a large supermarket or for taking payment in a boutique clothes shop.

Ensuring these devices are optimized with holders can help to make tasks more efficient as well as keeping them secure- avoiding drops and costly breakages.


Holders and Mounts

Brodit has designed holders for several devices that are used within the retail environment and as a POS machine. As well as holders, there are a variety of mounting options from table stands to pedestal mounts of varying heights to ensure the device is kept securely in one place.

For devices that need to be removed and replaced, the Brodit MultiMoveClip can be attached to pedestal mounts. This means that your device always has a designated place to be kept but has the versatility to be moved when needed.

The pedestal mounts offer a strong, solid base for devices and holders but the hollow area within the pedestal provides a neat location for wires and cables. This keeps retail working environments neat and clear without the risk of catching cables.


Where can I find the holder for my holder?

Brodit products are made in Sweden using hardwearing ABS plastic, to ensure that they can handle the demands of everyday use without fail.

Use the Brodit Smart Search to find the device holder you need for your device.

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