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The new Brodit holders for the Honeywell EDA52 are out, and they are custom made to fit your device. 

The Honeywell EDA52 is a handheld mobile computer that is easy to carry. It has a slim and lightweight design that offers improved user comfort and experience. It features a 5.5-inch Gorilla glass touch screen; 13-megapixel rear camera for high resolution images and a 4500mAh battery that lasts throughout the day.

The Brodit holders for Honeywell EDA52 are a neat and discreet way to keep your Honeywell EDA52 secure and safe whilst you are driving. The holders are made with a strong, high grade ABS/Acetal plastic that is durable and perfectly complements the rugged Honeywell EDA52. These can be found in the device search.

Brodit Honeywell EDA52 device holders offer a customised design that will fit any Honeywell EDA52 device without a hand-strap, and any Honeywell EDA52 device that has got a hand-strap.  This offers a firm fit to your device and allows for handsfree access when it is in the holder.

The Honeywell EDA52 device holders are easy to install onto a ProClip car mount, leaving no room for your dashboard to be damaged should you change vehicles. The ProClip car mounts are vehicle specific and can be found using the vehicle search option. 

The Brodit car device holders for the Honeywell EDA52 come in a standard non-charging format that allows you to keep your device safe and limited to any vibrations. You are also able to use your own charging lead as the charging port for your device is easily accessible.

You can also buy a Brodit device holder for the Honeywell EDA52 that comes with built-in charging and is equipped with a car charger adapter that automatically charges your phone once it is inserted into the USB socket in your car. If you decide to change and upgrade your device, you are able to easily switch out the holder by easily disconnecting it from the charging cable.

Both Brodit holders for the Honeywell EDA52 device come equipped with a 17° tilt a 360° swivel. This is great for adjusting the viewing angle of your Honeywell EDA52 and deflecting any glares and lighting that may cause an obstruction to your screen.

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