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Life is slowly getting back to normal, with many pubs and restaurants gearing up for a busy summer. Many types of businesses also make sure to have mobile payment terminals, such as the Ingenico Link 2500i. With many companies and consumers relying on contact-free transactions when making payments, the demand for these payment devices has never been greater.

The pocket-sized, robust but lightweight and user-friendly mobile payment companion is perfect for busy on-the-go business environments. The device accepts all payment methods such as NFC/Contactless, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, so you will reassuringly never be held up by payment method issues. Furthermore, accessibility is of high importance, making the device easy to use for everyone with its voice assistant option, mechanical keyboard with raised marking.

To provide a better safe, and organised work environment, Brodit has developed a dedicated holder for the Ingenico Link 2500i. So you will always have it within easy sight and reach, charged and ready to go. Perfect for food trucks, taxis, and mobile payment terminal holders for pubs, restaurants, and cafes.


The customised design creates a perfect firm fit that holds the device securely and quickly slides in or out with one hand when needed. In addition, the built-in tilt swivel allows you to turn the device in any direction when inside the holder while charging and avoiding glare from the sun when mounted inside a vehicle.

The Brodit Active Holder charging options include a cig-plug adapter or fixed installation with Molex adapter system:

Item no. Product description
712261 Active holder with cig-plug adapter. 3A charger. Charging via POGO pins. With tilt swivel
713261 Active holder for fixed installation with Molex adapter system. 2A charger. Charging via POGO pins. With tilt swivel.

 Brodit is a two-part solution; attach the customised Brodit holder to a ProClip mounting platform or Pedestal Mount. The mount will remain tightly in place on your dashboard, console or workspace and your device secured in the holder quickly insight - ready when you need it.

/media/blogs/library/Brodit 2-part system.jpg

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