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With over 300,000 licensed Taxis across England and Wales, it’s clear that Britons throughout the land love the convenience of getting from A to B in a comfy cab!



As a professional driver, your phone or tablet is now a vital piece of your equipment to ensure your bookings are with you immediately, and so you can navigate through the traffic and get your passenger to their destination as quickly as possible.

We know that a cheap windscreen mount will often wobble, or even worse fall off the screen just when you need it most!

The Brodit ProClip & Holder combination means the end of these worries. Our solution keeps your device secured and charged, placing it exactly where you need it.

 Our easy to use vehicle and device search will help you to find the perfect solution for all the devices that are used in your business. When the Brodit ProClip and holder combination is in place, we know you’ll be good to go for many miles.

We also know that your car is the place where you spend most of your working day, so the Brodit solution is designed to fit perfectly with your interior and not damage any of your dashboard or panels. We know you don’t want anything screwed or bolted into your car, so the Brodit ProClip slots easily and securely into place and leaves your windscreen clear of clutter.

In addition to smartphones and tablet holders, we also offer secure and strong holders for payment devices in the back of the vehicle including those from Ingenico, Verifone, Miura, iZettle and more. Our holders are hand built at our factory in Sweden and are built to last so you won’t have to worry about the rigours of daily life; the Brodit system will keep your device moving – even if the traffic isn’t!

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