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Last year, Britons sent and received almost 4 billion packages. Our love of online shopping is keeping the courier and express delivery market growing at a rapid rate. In 2018, courier and express delivery sales increased a spectacular 12% to reach £12.6 billion. Continued investment from online specialists including Amazon, eBay, Argos, ASOS, Ocado and others has seen a huge transition from the high street to the smartphone with over 81% of households now shopping online.

This growth in online shopping has of course driven an equally rapid ramp up in-home delivery providers with fleets including DPD, FedEx, Hermes, DHL, UPS, and of course Royal Mail & Parcel Force investing heavily in growing their fleets.

All home delivery drivers know that their phone or tablet is now a vital piece of equipment to ensure they can navigate through the traffic, complete their deliveries and capture the all-important photo or proof of delivery “POD” as quickly as possible.

Across the country, jumping in and out of a vehicle with the device multiple times has become the everyday norm for hundreds of thousands of home delivery drivers and Brodit is the UK’s leading supplier of device mounts and holders in this sector.



Whilst a cheap windscreen mount will often wobble, or even worse fall off the screen just when you need it most, the Brodit ProClip & Holder combination means the end of these worries. Our solution keeps your device secured and charged, placing it exactly where you need it.

We also know that your car is the place where you spend most of your working day, so the Brodit solution is designed to fit perfectly with your interior and not damage any of your dashboard or panels. We know you don’t want anything screwed or bolted into your car, so the Brodit ProClip slots easily and securely into place and leaves your windscreen clear of clutter.

Our easy to use vehicle and device search will help you to find the perfect solution for all the devices that are used in your business. When the Brodit ProClip and Holder combination is in place, we know you’ll be good to go for many miles.

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