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The Honeywell CT30XP is ideal for many professions such as retail, healthcare/emergency and delivery – making it the perfect device to carry around with you whilst you are on the move.

It acts as a handheld computer that is durable, manageable and functional to use. Many businesses rely on it to process information with guaranteed memory technology. The Honeywell CT30XP can withstand a multitude of drops from 4ft high to concrete unlike typical smartphone brands.

The Brodit adjustable holder is the perfect match for the Honeywell CT30XP. It is made from a strong, high-grade ABS/Acetal plastic. This not only reassures you that the holder is sturdy enough to withhold the weight of your device, but it will also keep it safely in place whilst you drive to your destination.

With or without its original boot/skin, the customised holders for Honeywell CT30XP are perfect for keeping it in a safe and upright position. The customised design allows for the perfect fit for each holder availably:

The charging holder is able to keep your Honeywell CT30XP fully charged for any task of the day. With a USB-A holder and car adaptor you will never run out of battery and you won’t have to remember to keep bringing your own charging lead every time you leave the warehouse or the depot.

The charging holder for your CT30XP is easily attached to the Brodit ProClip which is vehicle specific! You can find this using our vehicle search – just choose the make and model and you’ll find the perfect ProClip solution for you!

The new customised Brodit holders for the CT30XP takes it up a notch and allows you to tilt the device 17° and swivel it 360° in any direction. If you are using your CT30XP for navigation, this will ensure that you have the best possible view of your screen and will also allow you to comfortably use your Honeywell CT30XP without a glare or reflection distracting you.

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