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If you’ve bought an Apple iPhone 11, you will, undoubtedly, be lauding the fantastic camera quality – but is yours set up for car journeys to catch those stunning snaps?



As a mounting platform specialist using Swedish design, we are excited to launch our Brodit in-car phone holder for the Apple iPhone 11, a two-part hands-free solution customised to the exact make and model of your car for the snuggest fit.

Blending in with your car’s interior, the beauty of the neat, discreet holder is the sheer number of variations to choose from, all with tilt swivel to view the screen at the perfect angle for you. Unlike the sturdy holder itself, you don’t have to be rigid.

Do you want charging built in or what’s known as a passive holder that comes without for use with a cable? And on that note, one of the special things about Brodit is the option of a cable attachment holder that accommodates the latest generation - USB C.

Perhaps you have the smaller iPhone 11 Pro or the bigger iPhone Max and need a holder that fits these models like a dream. Brodit has it covered.

Then, there’s the question, do you use a phone case? Whatever incredible features your new iPhone 11 boasts on the inside, the latest piece of smartphone kit on the market is also a super stylish piece of engineering on the outside. You’ve spent hundreds of pounds on your exciting new toy, the last thing you want to do is scratch the handset, a common complaint with many in-car phone holders on the market.

If you don’t use a protective phone skin or case, but don’t want to risk doing damage to your device, no worries. The rugged Brodit range features a padded version of its iPhone 11 in-car holder, complete with a plush coating to keep it fully protected.

If you do use a phone case, that’s not a problem either. The Brodit iPhone holder include adjustable versions that can be set up to fit your phone complete with skin or case. All you need is a screwdriver when you first install the holder – after that, you simply slot your phone in, case and all, and it will fit perfectly. Whether you have a Hello Kitty silicone case or a robust, death metal-inspired Otterbox Defender, there’s none of that annoying springloading action to deal with each time you get in the car.

How to adjust an adjustable Brodit holder 

Ready to take your iPhone 11 on a journey?

Find your Brodit phone holder here.

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