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Brodit products are well known for mounting devices inside your car, but others besides the standard mobile phones, tablets and sat nav devices. 

Other devices that can mount inside your vehicle, alongside these, for example, if you have an airlift suspension system, you will likely have a control unit that you use to operate it from inside your car. Finding a space to keep it organised and secure is essential, especially when expensive and could get lost amongst the shuffle inside your vehicle.

When air suspension is retrofit, a rubber membrane can be inflated or deflated with air to your preferred ride height. Using air suspension, lowering or highering your vehicle can change your car's stance and style and improve ride quality to clear obstacles on less desirable roads.

Brodit has an Adjustable Holder, that when together with a Brodit ProClip custom vehicle mount, will let you keep your console organised and the vehicle interior looking sleek.

Adjustable Holder, item #511230, is perfect for Air Lift Performance Controllers or any air suspension controller or device measuring:

  • Device thickness of 6-10 mm
  • Width adjustment of 49-63 mm

Features include an adjustable fit, tilt swivel to angle up to 17° and rotate 360°, so you have complete control for the best position. The discreet design and solid High Grade ABS Plastic will mean the holder blends seamlessly into your interior whilst holding its own when tested with any bumps or knocks.

Combine this Holder with a ProClip custom vehicle mount, and you have a safe and easy way to mount your air suspension's controller.

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