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Brodit pride themselves in creating reliable device specific car phone holders that are manufactured to fit your device perfectly. No matter what phone you have, you are bound to find a car phone holder that is reliable and ticks all of your boxes.

It is very easy to pick out a Brodit car phone holder using the device search. Look up the brand of your mobile phone and then choose your phone model for an accurate fit. From there you are able to choose from a variety of holders.


Brodit Standard Non-Charging Car Phone Holder:

A passive holder is known as a standard non-charging car phone holder. This holder is custom designed to keep your phone in place whilst offering you a perfectly secure fit during any type of driving journey.

The holder is designed to allow you to keep your phone in an upright position so that you can see your apple maps or google maps navigation during long drives. Placing your phone in a car phone holder that holds your phone upright will also allow you to freely use Siri or voice control on your mobile phone, keeping you safe and reducing the risk of distractions.

The car phone holder is easy to attach onto our Brodit ProClip mounting platform; just screw it into place and you will have a sturdy and firm solution to avoid misplacing your phone in your car.

Brodit Standard car phone holder offers you the versatility to use your own charging lead whilst your phone is in the holder, that way you are able to keep your phone battery full at all times.

The holder tilts 17° and swivels a full 360° to help you avoid the annoying glare or reflection or the sun. The car phone holder makes travelling easy and convenient for you by switching between a portrait or landscape view for your comfortability.


Brodit Car Phone Holder With Built-In Charging:

The Brodit active car phone holder is a charging car phone holder that comes available with a built-in USB cable and charging adaptor. You are able to charge your phone on the go without the hassle of plugging in your own cable or even risking forgetting to bring a cable and your phone battery dying.

When you are installing the car phone holder onto your Brodit ProClip mounting solution, you are able to easily insert your mobile phone into the charging car phone holder with little to no effort, keeping your phone in its original ‘out-of-the-box’ new condition.

Like the Standard non-charging car phone holder, the Brodit charging holder offers you user comfortability by tilting 17° and swivelling 360°, this way you can adjust your phone angle for better viewing and to avoid distracting sun glares and reflections.

It is also made from a high-grade ABS/Acetal plastic, giving you long-lasting durability and prolonged use. It comes in black, which is the perfect neutral shade to match with the interior of your car and dashboard.


Brodit Adjustable Car Phone Holder:

If your phone has a protective case on it, then the adjustable holder is for you. Adjustable car phone holders are made specifically for mobile phones with a protective phone case, this way you won’t have to worry about constantly removing your phone case every time you insert your phone into the holder. 

Adjustable car phone holders’ come in all types of categories. You can get an adjustable holder that is:

You are able to easily adjust the width of your adjustable car phone holder to the width of your phone with a protective case, allowing you to comfortably place your phone into the holder with no extra hassle and a guaranteed perfect fit.

Additionally, the adjustable holder is also able to tilt 17° and swivel 360° for a better viewing angle. If you are using your phone as a way to follow GPS/ maps navigation, then you can keep the phone in a vertical position or twist it in a horizontal position depending on your personal preference.


Brodit Qi Wireless Charging Car Phone Holder:

The Brodit Qi Wireless car phone holder is a must have holder! It is a charging holder that gives your mobile phone extra power and battery life via Qi technology.

Qi is the most commonly used wireless charging standard and most smartphones such as Samsung and Apple support it. This car phone holder uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy between the holder and your mobile phone.

On the Brodit website you are able to choose a Qi wireless car phone holder dependant on the brand and the model of your mobile phone. The holder will fit most mobile phones, both with and without a protective case.

This ensures that your device is held securely in place, whilst your phone instantly connects to the charging system in the car phone holder. Your phone is easy to install and the LED charging status feature on the Qi wireless car phone holder signifies that the device is charging successfully and provides a handy feature for its users.

The Qi wireless charging car phone holder is made from a strong, high-grade, black ABS/Acetal plastic that creates a sturdy platform for your mobile phone. The Holder includes a 17° tilt and a 360° swivel in any direction, providing you with a comfortable view with no glares or reflections whilst you’re driving.


For more information on the different types of holders that we have, please don’t hesitate to contact us and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for further announcements, latest news and special offers!

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